Conducting the Missional Event

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Conducting a Missional Event

This document provides an overview of the missional event.


The purpose of the Missional Event is to provide focus and momentum. The event focuses the purpose of the activities of MC2. The prayer-care-share activities and the identification of persons of peace point toward this home event of a missional outreach. The Missional Event is the culmination of work in a target area and provides momentum in the launching of groups.


The desired outcome is for you to sponsor a Missional Event. If possible, the event can be hosted in the home of a person of peace from your relational network or community. Event attendees can be invited from both your network and the host’s network. Invitees can be people who you have met through prayer-care-share activities

The desired outcome for the event is new followers of Jesus who will join a Foundational Bible Study which will begin the week following the Missional Event. This will launch your group, or even a second group for the participant if you already has formed an initial group.


The Missional Event is about 1 to 1½ hours long. Because it is held in a home, 10-15 people are a reasonable number of guests.

Suggested Program

  • Greet and welcome guests
  • Introducing and thanking the host
  • Explain the process of viewing a short film and discussing
  • Show first short film
    • Discuss: What did you like best? Why?
  • If using a second film, show the film and lead the discussion
    • Discuss: What did you like best? Why?
  • Share My Story
  • Show first JESUS film clip
    • Discuss: What did you like best? Why?
  • If using a second clip, show the clip and lead the discussion
    • Discuss: What did you like best? Why?
  • Share a gospel close and offer an opportunity to pray to receive Christ
    • Option 1: Using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet, explain the 2 circles and lead the prayer.
    • Option 2: Show the evangelistic close clip from the JESUS film.
  • Distribute and collect comment cards
  • If appropriate, invite everyone to the first Foundational Bible Study meeting.
  • Set a time within the next 2 days to meet with each person who shows spiritual interest.
    • Review the Four Spiritual Laws, especially from the circles to the end.
    • Help them start a Network List and share the gospel with their friends.
    • Invite them to the first group Foundational Bible Study meeting.

Suggested Roles

  • Emcee and Discussion Facilitator
  • My Story presenter
  • Gospel presentation and close

Sample Comment Card

What did you like best?


I am interested in: