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Session 6: Selecting and Empowering Leaders

In this session, you will discover what the Bible has to say about what to look for in selecting leaders from among the new believers who are in the new groups that have been started.

Heart of a Leader

  1. What are you learning about abiding in Christ? How are you practicing abiding through His Word, prayer, obedience, PCS, relationships and fellowship?
  2. In what areas of your life do you find it challenging to obey God?
  3. What unresolved conflict do you have?
  4. In what areas are you believing God by faith, beyond your own ability?

Celebration of Faithfulness

  • Share what has happened since the last meeting. Ask them to relate it to goals from the last meeting.

Iron on Iron: Sharpening Myself and Others

Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.”

  1. What is going well?
  2. What is not going well? What obstacles are you facing?
  3. What are possible solutions from the other group members?
  4. What do you need to do to add the missing characteristics into each group?

Discovery Bible Study –Selection of Leaders

Section 1: Jesus’ Selection of Leaders

First encounter: John 1:35-51

Second call to follow Him: Mark 1:16-20; Luke 5:1-11

Final Selection: Luke 6:12-16; Mark 3:13-19

  • What caught your attention? (or What did you like best?) Why?
  • How did Jesus discern that they were the right men and how did he develop them at each stage?


Important Principles

  • The 3/3 discipleship training process is a good way to give small assignments and see who is faithful. You can also begin allowing group members to begin leading parts of the 3/3 discipleship process.
  • It is easier to take a faithful man and teach him skills than to take a skillful man and teach him faithfulness.
  • The best leaders are developed on the job (accountability, practice and setting goals)
  • As people prove faithful, give them more time and attention.

Section 2: Paul’s Selection of Leaders

Appointed New Believers as Leaders: Acts 6:1-4; Acts 14:21-23

Characteristics to look for in New Believers: Titus 1:5-9; Acts 6:3

Unlikely Leaders: 1 Samuel 22:2; 1 Chronicles 11:10; 1 Chronicles 12:1; 1 Samuel 16:7

Fruits of Faithfulness: Matthew 21:28-31; Matthew 25:20-29; Philippians 2:19-22

  • What caught your attention? (or What did you like best?) Why?


Lesson Summary: Overall what should we look for

  • Growing in character and is becoming a good example (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:3)
  • Skills and faithfulness are tested (Matthew 25:20-26)
  • Full of the Holy Spirit and growing in Love (Acts 6:4; Colossians 1:3-4)
  • Showing faithfulness to the Word (Titus 1:9, Hebrews 13:7)
  • Selecting will take prayer and fasting (Luke 6:12)
  • God will choose those that are unlikely because they are hungry and teachable (1 Samuel 22:2; 1 Chronicles 11:10; 12:1)
  • What people can become may not be what they are now (Titus 1:12-13)
  • Use the proving process of faithfulness and fruitfulness (3/3 discipleship); Faithful in a little, faithful in much (Matthew 25:21)
  • Repeated faithfulness results in a person of proven worth – ex. Timothy in Philippians 2:22
  • Paul appointed more than one elder for each church (Acts 14:21-23)

Preparing for Mission

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in selecting leaders and make a plan on how you can improve.

  • Identify 2-3 possible leaders in your groups and state why you would select them
  • If you struggle to identify leaders, what steps do you need to take to make progress?

I will _______________ by ____________