MC2 01PN How is God at Work Today

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Prayer and Care

  • What are you thankful for this week?

  • How are you doing this week? Is there anything we can help with?

  • Care for one another by praising God and praying for the needs that were shared.



Activity #1 Being Missional

    • What did you like best? Why?

    • Possible application

Activity #2 Four Generations

    • What did you like best? Why?

    • Possible application

Activity #3 Overview of MC2

  • Overview


  • John 17:18-20


Preparing for the Mission

  • Video: One-Another

    • What did you like best? Why?

  • Choose One-another partner and when will you meet.

Going on the Mission

  • Who will you tell about the training, the Stranger story, or a new idea about multiplication?

    • I will _______ by _________.

  • Write any additional “I will by when” statements and tell them to your small group.

    • I will _______ by _________.

Praying for the Mission

Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.