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In this session, you will gain an understanding of the principle of finding a person whom God prepared known as a Person of Peace. You will also learn the important kingdom impact a Person of Peace has in reaching your network or target area. (Luke 10:1-24; John 4:1-42; Luke 19:1-10; Luke 8:26-39; Acts 16:11-15; Acts 17:1-9)

Looking Back (20-30 min)

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NOTE: Place people in groups of 4-6 for the session. Give out participant notes.

Prayer and Care

  • Appoint a small group leader to facilitate sharing.
  • Have each group discuss what they are thankful for this week.
  • Have each person share how they are doing and share 1-2 prayer requests with their group and then have them pray for one another.

NOTE: If someone needs extra help, set a time after the meeting to help meet those needs.

Celebrate Faithfulness

  • Encourage loving accountability to obey Jesus.
  • Have each group share what happened as they trusted God for their goals and their “I will by when” statements.
  • After the groups are done, ask if anyone is willing to tell the entire group.

Vision Casting

Cast vision for their identity in Christ or what God can do through them as they take steps of faith.

    • For example:

One of the greatest promises in all of scripture can be found in the Great Commission and it is often overlooked. We tend to focus on the command to make disciples, but after Jesus said this, He promised “I will be with you always, even to the end.” (Matthew 28:20). When we face challenges or fears in reaching out to others or in disciple making, remember Jesus’ promise to be with us at all times.

Looking Up (45 min)

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Activity #1 Sending out the 70

  • Read or watch Luke 10:1-24, the Sending of the Seventy.
  • Have the small groups discuss the participant’s answers to…
    • What did you like best? Why?
  • Ask 1-2 group leaders to summarize what their group discussed.


Jesus sent his followers into the surrounding area with clear instructions. As they entered villages, they were to visit with people. They were to look for places where they were welcomed. They were to look for people who would show hospitality to them. They were to look for evidence that God was at work and spiritual truth would be received. Where they were not received, they were to move on, always looking for those who were ready to receive them. To summarize we can use Prayer, Care, Share to describe what they did to find Persons of Peace.

Activity #2 Persons of Peace videos

  • Appoint a small group leader to facilitate the group discussion.
  • Read or watch examples of Persons of Peace.
    • Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:1-42) [1]
    • Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) [2]
    • Demoniac (Luke 8:26-39) [3]
    • Lydia (Acts 16:11-15)
    • Jason (Acts 17:1-9)
  • As the videos play or the Bible story is read, have the participants fill in the chart with characteristics and activities of each person of peace.

Person Characteristics Activities
Samaritan Woman

  • Have group leaders facilitate a discussion about these characteristics and activities in their small groups.
  • Ask 1-2 group leaders to summarize what their group discussed.


A Person of Peace is someone who receives you and your message. A Person of Peace is a person of relationship. They are excited and open to reach their network of family and friends with the good news. Through their relational network, the gospel will expand to many new people and places. This is a core mindset in church multiplication. We should reach out to people expecting to find people whom God has already prepared. Last session, we learned that using the Amazing Question and Care is a good way to fish for Persons of Peace.

Looking Forward (45 min)

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Preparing for the Mission

  • If they shared the Amazing Question last week, have each person identify those who displayed characteristics of a Person of Peace.
  • In their small groups, have each person tell about their list and then as a group, pray for potential Persons of Peace.
  • Have them begin praying for a Person of Peace who they can ask to host a group evangelism event in the coming weeks.

Going on the Mission

  • Identify 5 people from your Network List who you will tell the Amazing Question to this week.
    • Remember to follow up with those from last week to see what God has done.
  • Write “I will by when” statements and tell them to your small group.
  • Set a time and meet with your one-another partner.

Praying for the Mission

Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.

For Further Study

Read Transferable Concept #7 – How you can Help Fulfill the Great Commission

Read Persons of Peace by Dr. Tom Wolf

The eBook The Viral Gospel by Alex Absalom is an excellent discussion of Persons of Peace: