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In this session you will learn how to demonstrate care for those in your network of relationships to help them see tangible expressions of the love of Christ and keep the doors open for the next talks (Matthew 9:35-38)

Looking Back (20-30 min)

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NOTE: Place people in groups of 4-6 for the session. Give out participant notes.

Prayer and Care

  • Appoint a small group leader to facilitate sharing.
  • Have each group discuss what they are thankful for this week.
  • Have each person share how they are doing and share 1-2 prayer requests with their group and then have them pray for one another.

NOTE: If someone needs extra help, set a time after the meeting to help meet those needs.

Celebrate Faithfulness

  • Encourage loving accountability to obey Jesus.
  • Have each group share what happened as they trusted God for their goals and their “I will by when” statements.
  • After the groups are done, ask if anyone is willing to tell the entire group.

Vision Casting

Cast vision for their identity in Christ or what God can do through them as they take steps of faith.

    • For example:

How does God feel about the lost? 1 Timothy 2:1-4 tells us that God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Jesus called his disciples to follow him and he would make them fishers of men. Over the past two weeks, you have begun helping people know the truth about Jesus. You have begun fishing for men.

You have shared the Amazing Question and prayed with people. You are communicating with your oikos network about Jesus. Another way of connecting with others is through caring. They will feel cared for when you will treat them as a special people understanding that they are different than others, they have different needs and different history behind them. To help you do that we will introduce the B.L.E.S.S. strategy (in Activity 2).

Looking Up (45 min)

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Activity #1 Matthew 9:35-38

  • Choose a small group leader who will facilitate their small group discussions.
  • Read Matthew 9:35-38.
  • Have the small groups discuss the participant’s answers to…
    • What did you like best? Why?
  • Summarize by emphasizing the heart of Jesus. You may ask
    • What do we learn about the heart of Jesus?

Activity #2 Discussing the B.L.E.S.S. strategy

  • Explain the B.L.E.S.S. strategy printed in participant notes.
  • Encourage participants to discuss and share practical ways how they can do each of the points (B.L.E.S.S.)
  • Make sure they are taking notes, that will help them later.
  • Tell them that we will talk more about sharing the Gospel in Session 6.


Today we want to think about how we can demonstrate care to people around us. The B.L.E.S.S. strategy will help us in that.

The last S. is about sharing your story. We find a good example in the book of Acts where Paul shares his story (Acts 22, for example). Today we will also prepare our short story, something we can share with others in about 1 minute. This needs to be clear and we need to feel comfortable with our story that so we may use it often as we B.L.E.S.S. others.

Looking Forward (45 min)

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Preparing for the Mission

Now we will practice telling and writing your story of meeting Jesus.

  • Practice and Feedback
    • Have the participants pair up and tell their stories to each other. [There is a guide on the back of the participant notes.]
    • Have the one not telling take notes of the main points as they listen and give feedback on what they heard.
    • After 5 minutes, have the partners switch roles.
  • Writing a Simple Story
    • Give the participants 10 minutes to write down one word that describes their lives in each of the 3 parts. [There is a guide on the back of the participant notes.]
    • Transition from your conversation to your story.
    • What was your life like before Christ?
    • How did you meet Christ?
    • What was your life like after you received Christ?
  • Then have them write 2-3 sentences to provide details about each part.
  • Practice and Feedback
    • Have the participants find a new partner and repeat telling their story again. Use a stopwatch to only allow 2 minutes for each person to share.
    • Make sure they give feedback to each other on what they heard.
    • Have the participants find another new partner and repeat the process a third time. Use a stopwatch to only allow 2 minutes for each to share.
    • Make sure they give feedback to each other on what they heard.

Going on the Mission

  • B.L.E.S.S. 3 people you identified in your oikos network.
    • From Activity #2, use your personal relational network map to identify 3 people and the specific ways you will Listen, Eat and Serve this week.
  • Write “I will by when” statements and tell them to your small group.
  • Set a time and meet with your one-another partner.

Praying for the Mission

Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.

For Further Study