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Prayer and Care

  • What are you thankful for this week?
  • Prayer Request

Celebrate Faithfulness

  • How was your walk with Jesus this week?
  • What happened as you trusted God for your goals and “I will by when” statements?



Activity #1

  • Read Matthew 9:35-38.
    • What did you like best? Why?

    • What do we learn about the heart of Jesus?

Activity #2

  • Build trust communication with members of your oikos. We call that B.L.E.S.S. Please discuss with your group how each of the points can work in your oikos (take notes):
    • (B) egin with prayer, list and pray for the people from your oikos,
    • (L) isten them well. Focus on understanding them, give them opportunity to talk and get the information that will help you share later,
    • (E) at. Jesus is an example of eating with different people. Go to lunch together, invite for a coffee, share some food. Eating creates sharing and understanding,
    • (S)erve. Now you can serve different people in different ways because you know them better,
    • (S)hare your story and share the Gospel.


Preparing for the Mission

  • Practice and Feedback.
  • Write your story using the guide on the back of this page.
  • Practice and Feedback.

Going on the Mission

  • B.L.E.S.S. 3 people on your list.
  • Tell your story to the 2 people on your list.
  • Write “I will by when” statements and tell them to your small group.
  • Set a time and meet with your one-another partner.

Praying for the Mission

  • Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.

For Further Study

Writing Your Story


1 sentence:

1. What was your life like before Christ?

One word:

2 - 3 sentences:

2. How did you receive Christ?

One word:

2 – 3 sentences:

3. What is your life like now that you have received Christ?

One word:

2 – 3 sentences: