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In this session, participants will learn how to share the gospel with people in their networks and communities using the Knowing God Personally booklet and also through an app called God Tools. They will also learn a Christ-centered definition for success in witnessing. (Romans 1:16)

Looking Back (20-30 min)

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NOTE: Place people in groups of 4-6 for the session. Give out participant notes.

Prayer and Care

  • Have each group discuss what they are thankful for this week.
  • Have each person share how they are doing and share 1-2 prayer requests with their group and then have them pray for one another.

NOTE: If someone needs extra help, set a time after the meeting to help meet those needs.

Celebrate Faithfulness

  • Encourage loving accountability to obey Jesus.
  • Appoint a small group leader who will facilitate group members in sharing what happened as they trusted God for their goals and their “I will by when” statements.
  • Ask if anyone would be willing to tell the entire group.

Vision Casting

Cast vision for who they can become in Christ or what God can do through them.

    • For example:

The Word of God calls out to us to “Be reconciled to God!” This is the heart of our vision-- helping people know God. Our desire is to be aligned to the Father’s heart so that “none should perish” but that we will see reconciliation with God happen hundreds, thousands and millions of times. And this is why we are here together, to learn and be encouraged to be more fruitful in the ministry of reconciliation that we have been given. Let’s keep trusting the Lord to use us!

Looking Up (45 min)

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We have been learning a personal ministry method called Prayer, Care, Share. We have already learned about finding People of Peace through using the Amazing Question and showing care for people. We have also learned about telling our story of what Jesus has done in our lives. Now we learn about telling the story of what God has done for us in the gospel.

This training will show you how to share the gospel in two different situations: sharing with individuals and also sharing in small groups in the home of a Person of Peace. Over the next two weeks we will be talking about these two situations. Today we are learning to personally share the gospel one on one.

Activity #1 Introducing a Gospel Tool

NOTE: For this session use one of the following tools:

    • Knowing God Personally
    • Four Spiritual Laws
    • God Tools app [1]
  • Give each participant a copy of the gospel tool or help them download the God Tools app.
  • Choose group facilitators for each small group and ask them to assign each person in the group 2-3 pages of the of booklet, including themselves.
  • Have each participant study their assigned pages and write down their answer to these questions:
    • What did you like best? Why?
  • Ask each group member to verbally explain the content of their pages to the group and tell how they answered the questions.
  • NOTE: Have them start with page 1 and continue through the booklet in order

Activity #2 Demonstration

The trainer demonstrates using the selected Gospel tool with a volunteer.

  • Pause the demonstration after explaining the circles but before asking the questions.
  • Ask the participants to answer these questions about the demonstration.
    • What did you like best? Why?
    • Have several participants share their answers with the whole group.
  • Continue the demonstration beginning with the circle questions and completing the booklet.
  • Ask all questions and give an opportunity to pray
  • NOTE: To review how to use the God Tools app:

Using God Tools on Android [2]


You have observed one way to share the gospel with someone. Remember, we are providing a way for you to get out and start sharing with those you have been praying and caring for. There will always be more to learn about sharing the gospel and ways to improve! But one of the best ways to learn is to learn through doing!

How do we know if we have been successful in witnessing? [Pause for answers] Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.

When Someone Says Yes

What if someone says yes? What should we do? This is a VERY important step that allows us to see multiplication of the gospel. We have learned that a Person of Peace is a person of relationship. They are excited and open to reach their network of family and friends with the good news. So as we are fishing for People of Peace using the Amazing Question and care, we can take some simple steps to help them begin reaching their relational networks.

There are 3 things that you need to do:

1. Ask them, “Who are some others that need to hear this?” Have them write down the names of 5 friends and family that they can share the booklet or app with. [Be sure to give them copies of the booklet or help them download God Tools.]

2. Let them know that you want to help them grow in their new relationship with Jesus and set up a time to start meeting with them for Bible study.

3. Pray for them before you leave.

Looking Forward (45 min)

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Preparing for the Mission

  • Have participants continue practicing sharing the gospel with a partner using either the Knowing God Personally, The Four Spiritual Laws or the God Tools app on their phones.
  • Have them give feedback to their partner and then switch roles.
    • Practice what to do when someone says YES to the gospel.

Going on the Mission

  • Have each person review their Network List and add new people they have met.
  • Remind them to identify any people who they shared the Amazing Question with and who displayed characteristics of a Person of Peace
  • Identify 5 people from your Network List who you will talk with this week.
    • Share the gospel with at least 3 of these people.
    • With the remaining 2 people, continue practicing a skill from the previous lessons.
  • Write “I will by when” statements and tell them to your small group.
  • Set a time and meet with your one-another partner.

Praying for the Mission

Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.

For Further Study

Read Transferable Concept #5 - How You Can Introduce Others to Christ