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This page is a translated version of the page Main Page and the translation is 22% complete.
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Welcome to mc2!

That is the main page to our training called MC2 (Multiplying Church Communities).

Here you will find resources to that training in multiple languages, you can also help and translate it into your own language!

Please watch a short video that explains that training process.

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Download here this brochure as pdf file

This is the list of the meetings in our program:


1. Како Бог работи во денешно време? 6. Лично споделување на Евангелието
2. Одење во чекор со Духот 7. Основи за новите верници
3. Чудесното прашање 8. Споделување на Евангелието во Групи
4. Луѓе подготвени од Бог 9. Прославување & Испраќање
5. Стратегија BLESS (Благослов)


1. Сигурноста на Спасението 10. My Story
2. Врските и Заедништвото 11. Being a Witness
3. Keeping in Step with the Spirit 12. Opening Doors
4. Boldly Identifying with Jesus 13. Committing to One Another
5. Growing Through God’s Word 14. Remembering Jesus Sacrifice
6. Talking with God 15. Giving with Purpose
7. Abiding in Jesus 16. Cost of Discipleship
8. Prayer and Care 17. Simple Church Service
9. God Prepared People


1. Leading the Process 13. Healthy Family (Parent-Child)
2. Identifying with Jesus 14. Spiritual Victory (Sin)
3. Foundations for Ministry of the Spirit 15. Studying the Bible
4. Foundations of the Gospel 16. Old Testament Survey
5. Life of Christ 17. New Testament Survey
6. Selecting and Empowering Leaders 18. False Teaching
7. Church Leadership (Responsibilities) 19. Paul’s Journey
8. Church Leadership (Character) 20. Priesthood of Every Believer
9. Church Leadership (Servanthood) 21. Conflict Resolution
10. Church Leadership (Stewardship) 22. Spiritual Warfare
11. Identity and Freedom in Christ 23. Blessing Others
12. Healthy Family (Husband-Wife) 24. Multiplication Principles

For Trainers

MC2 Trainers Training Guide

MC2 Coaching Guide

For translators

Here you will find more info about translating process