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Sample Invitation Script - Evangelistic Home Event using Film Clips

This is a sample script you can use to have a conversation with a potential host for an evangelistic home event using film clips. One of the requirements for hosting a home event is that the host should have a flat screen television that can accept a small SD card or USB drive with clips of short films. In your area, you may be able to borrow a video projection unit for the evening of your home event if your host home does not have a suitable television.

After initial greetings, you might say…

I’m in a training class learning more about Jesus. We are also learning how we can help others who want to learn more about Jesus.

We are organizing several home events where people can gather in homes. We will watch 3 or 4 very short videos, about 3-5 minutes each and discuss their meaning.

Can I show you two examples?

[Show 2 sample videos on your mobile phone, one short film and one JESUS film clip.]

We are looking for people who would open their homes as a host. You would not need to do anything other than invite some of your family and friends. I will invite some people also.

Would you be interested in hosting something like this?

Do you have a television that can accept a SD card or USB drive? Can I check to see what it can accept? We will need to know how to play the video files.