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1 Look Back

Prayer and Care

  • Pray, praising God for each one and for time in His Word.
  • Ask “What are you thankful for this week?”
  • Ask “What are you struggling with and how can we help?”
  • Minister to one another’s needs in prayer, biblical counsel and encouragement.

Celebrate Faithfulness

  • Ask “How did you apply the lesson from last week? How did it go for you?”
  • Ask “Who did you share the story with, and what was their response?”
  • Encourage mutual, loving accountability about how they were followers of Jesus (obeyed the Bible lesson last week) and fishers of men (witnesses) since the last meeting.


  • Share a vision of what God has designed them to become and what He plans to do through them. Examples: Matthew 4:19.


2 Look Up


  • Facilitator briefly explains the passage background.


  • Facilitator reads the passage twice as others listen.

Discovery Discussion

  • Everyone tells what caught their attention (or what they like best) and why.
  • Why do you think this story is important?
  • How can we live differently now that we know this story (passage)?

Tell and Correct

  • Practice the story by having someone tell the story and ask the group to correct if necessary.


  • Facilitator summarizes today’s lesson to make sure everybody understands clearly.


3 Look Forward

Preparing for the Mission

  • Ask, "How will you obey?"

Going on the Mission

  • Members respond by writing down a specific "I will ..." statement.
  • Members share their statement with the group.
  • Set a time and meet with your one-another partner.

Praying for the Mission

  • Affirm the vision of multiplication. Ask God to empower each person with the Holy Spirit to be a faithful follower of Jesus and to fish for men.
  • Commit everyone’s goals to the Lord. Ask the Lord to help us be faithful and use us to start a movement of disciple-makers.